A naughty take on popular names, products and brands.

Supreme Leader

Stupid off-brand Supreme knock off T-shirt
Stupid knock off Supreme T-shirt

Luke no further

Jedi's music album cover T-shirt
Star Wars music album cover T-shirt


Vogue Off-brand Fashion
Dogue T-shirt


Italien T-shirt, not made in Italy
Tested on xenomorph, it didn’t fit

IKEA – Covid 19

Covid-19 IKEA T-shirt
IKEA Coffin T-shirt

Jom & Terry

Jom & Terry T-shirt
Tom & Jerry T-shirt

Slayer Fan

Slayer Unicorn kids T-shirt
It’s never too early to become a Slayer fan!


George Costanza T-shirt
George Costanza T-shirt

Guns N’ Roses

Grams N’ Noses Tshirt
Grams N’ Noses Tshirt

2020 Pandemic Lockdown

2020 Lockdown T-shirt Stormtrooper "I Miss People"
“I Miss People” Stormtrooper T-shirt

National Lampoon magazine

National Lampoon magazine first issue cover tribute for its 50th birthday
First issue cover tribute T-shirt


Albert Einstein KISS fan t-shirt
Albert Einstein KISS T-shirt